Sell Buyout Equity

Go Realty Go Property (GRGP) is a Real Estate Investment Company; our business specializes in property (commercial and residential) Cash Buy Out or Equity Buy Out of your Real Estate within the state of Colorado.  Regardless how you finance your home with the mortgage leader, GRGP has several options to leverage getting the capital funds locked up in your house; into cash in your hands.

Buyout Mortgage Programs consist of:

  • Acquisition of Real Estate Buyout
    Commercial or Home Buyout
  • Foreclosure Buyout
  • Estate Buy Out
  • Private Equity Buyout
  • First Mortgage Buyout
  • Second Mortgage Buyout

Home/House Buy-Out:

A Home Buy Out is based on a contract between the homeowner (you) and a private home buyout company (GRGP).  This contract guarantees a minimum sales price within an agreed time frame.  You can retain ownership of the home until the home sells or if it doesn’t sell, then GRGP agrees to buyout the home by buying the home at the negotiated win/win terms setup in the home buyout agreement.