Reviews Testimonials

The following are a couple of Review/Testimonials.

I’m a single mom, our family is experiencing a medical hardship and we couldn’t afford to stay in our home. As I was searching for solutions, I contacted you [Go Realty Go Property (GRGP)] – I’m so glad I did. GRGP has taken care of the home, that I wasn’t able to, and we have been able to stay in our home throughout this time. Thank you, so much, for creating a winning [win/win] solution that worked for us.

Diane C., Castle Rock, CO

I got orders to Fort Carson and during my first tour meet my wife to be. She had a house in Widefield, which became our home. I got deployed and returned. While I was gone the housing market turned and we realized the issue we would be in if we couldn’t sell and we were forced to move. I did a quick search and decided to go with GRGP. Their offer freed us from being tied to this house, paid us (spouse) cash for equity, AND allowed us to rent back our home while I’m stationed here. Thanks.

Daniel T., Widefield, CO

Well, closing is complete. We are still at the Title Office. I would like to say thanks for taking the time to get our family moving on. I was given short notice PCS orders and GRGP was able to offer us a solution that was “fair”. The process was professional. It was also nice to work with someone who has military service and understands our way of life. Thanks again.

SGT T. Garcia, Security, CO

Having gone through the process of trying to sell our house with a realtor and waiting and waiting. We had received a postcard offering to buy our house and we were hesitant to call for fear we would be on yet another mailing list. Plus, if someone wanted to buy, it was most likely too good to be true or someone out to low ball us. After waiting some more, we decided to call. We would like to thank GRGP for helping relieve the apprehension we felt concerning the situation with our house. They were able to provide us with multiple solutions that worked well for our situation.

Gary G., Fountain, CO

We had an opportunity to buy a house in Security (close to work) and afterwards it didn’t work out for my family. I was now able to get housing on post but couldn’t afford to lose BAQ and still pay for the house. I was referred to GRGP and the offer facilitated my family being able to move on post. Thank you so much for being there for us. I’ll also refer others your way.

SPC Tanya C. and Family, Security, CO