Sell House Fast: Foreclosure

Sell House Fast: Foreclosure – If you are on the road toward foreclosure, or already in foreclosure, you need to know what options are available to you now.  Once you cross the 30/60/90 day(s) and are behind on your mortgage, the clock is ticking.  The earlier you decide on taking action, the more options you will have to choose the best course of action.  These early decisions increase your ability to access more cash and better your chances of stopping the bank from stealing your home.

Sell House Fast: Foreclosure Questions are addressed below.

First off… we are not real estate agents, we don’t charge a fee and/or commission so there’s no cost to you.  We can close in 7 to 10 business days.  By acting now… you can get the most money out of your house and help stop foreclosure.

If this starts to sound like a broken record, it’s only because we’ve seen people delay who think these types of issues only happen to others and/or they will fix it at the last second… the bank would never kick a family out on the street.  Banks take an “its business, it’s not personal” approach… and so should you.  The clock is ticking… please don’t wait until the last hour and expect miracles to be performed.

The number one reason for you to act now and allow us to help cure your loan, refinance your debt, or sell your house is to avoid a foreclosure on your record, and that’s important.  By avoiding Foreclosure you will:

  • Save your credit rating
  • Avoid job background check issues
  • Avoid future mortgage frustrations
  • Continue fair Insurance and Credit rates
  • Avoid Clearance issues (DoD, Active Duty, Contract Employees)

Know that after your bank forecloses on your home, you will have that judgment, skewing the opinions of what others think of you.  All mortgage applications currently ask if you have EVER had a foreclosure.  This is a yes or no question; how you answer for the rest of your life depends on you making the correct decision right now by discovering your options and taking positive action.

Do you feel a foreclosure can’t be stopped, and your situation is beyond hope?

Then let us help you save as much of your equity as possible.   For those who have no equity or a little equity, we know several methods to create it, which requires some renegotiating with your lender; this generally generates enough cash to give you something, rather than nothing.

If for some reason, you now have the access to pay more than you’re obligated/required to pay each month now it’s possible for us to negotiate a plan with your lender to keep you in your home and get you back on track.  However, statistics indicate only 1 out of 10 families consulted with who are facing foreclosure are able to save their home by agreeing to HIGHER payments each month.  So it may be in your best interest to explore your options for selling quickly at no expense to you.

When deciding to sell, you’ll need to also consider the possibility of staying with friends or family, or maybe finding a new place of your own during the transition.

Damaged credit can limit your jobs, it will limit where you can move.  Lenders and Landlords run background checks and look closely at your ability to maintain your financial obligations.  But once we’re working with you, and we understand the situations…, we may be able to get you into one of OUR homes (pending availability) with flexible seller financing.  We may also be able to trade properties; it’s all about finding the right options.

Would a Short Sale be better than Foreclosure?

Yes; see our Short Sale Assistance and Negotiation page.

Sell House Fast: Foreclosure, What are my Options?

We invite you to call our office at 719-426-2255 ext. 0 and talk to us.  We will provide information on your situation and options.  Please note these issues require some information to be provided by you.  Wither you call or use our online request the same information will be requested; therefore, if your already online reading this you may want to consider the online Quick House Quote form.

Then we can offer you several solutions, there’s no cost or obligation and we’ll hold everything in strict confidence.  Once we have your details, we may be able to:

  • Put up the money to cure your default, or…
  • Help get you a new loan, or…
  • Renegotiate your obligation with the lender, or…
  • Make you an acceptable offer to buy your house “as is” with cash to you at closing.

Bankruptcy should always be used as a last resort because (in our opinion) it rarely produces the result home owners expect or hope for.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking bankruptcy will wipe out the bank debt and you’ll walk away debt free.

We do recommend that you allow us to explore ways to raise cash needed to cure your default or stop a foreclosure.  We’ll either put up the money ourselves or help you locate a reliable source of funds.  If refinancing your house makes sense, we’ll help investigate that.

Let us offer you a fresh start and a brighter future…

Put an end to the stress and emotional hardship you may be experiencing right now.  Sure, you may find an answer, on your own, without us being involved.  But you owe it to yourself, and perhaps your family, to get any help you all could use.  We want to help.  It’s what we do every day.

Taking the next step is as easy as filling out our online Quick House Quote form.

If you want more information without risk, we’ll need to get some information about your situation and your property.  You can call us direct at 719-426-2255 ext. 0 for a FREE, friendly, no obligation consultation.  We’ll be happy to speak with you.

After evaluating your situation, we’ll gladly call you back and share our ideas with you.  Then, if you decide it’s best to sell your house, we’ll come out and make you a fair purchase offer.

If you prefer to keep your house, we’ll explore how to raise the funds needed to help you avoid losing it.

So please call us.  We’ll explain everything in clear, easy to understand terms.  You’ll still have all your other options available if it’s determined that we’re not your best solution.

GRGP Buys Houses, contact GRGP to Sell House Fast by filling out the Quick House Quote form (1-2 mins) and we will contact you to discuss your options to prevent a foreclosure.