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Real Estate

Go Realty Go Property – GRGP is as serious about buying Real Estate Properties as you are about selling.  When we buy your property (commercial, house, townhouse, or condo), there are no commissions to pay, which is the biggest difference between us and an agent.  Normally, agents will list properties… hope it sells within 6 months (while working dozens of other prospects at the same time), which is why active listings can sometimes sit on the market a long time… while you, the owner… are stuck paying to maintain and keep the things presentable… keeping the bank mortgage current month after month.  In order to compete with us, some realtors now claim to buy your house if they can’t sell it after serveral months.  So, instead of waiting six months…

Let us know how we can help:
For a fair price, we can buy and you would NET the same as working with a realtor.  Our funding institutions facilitate buying for cash, which can solve all sorts of issues/problems (see below).  Flexibility, “We Buy” on the Date of Your Choice.  This buy/sell model is changing the Real Estate markets and it can work for you.

If for some reason (Real Estate: Issues) your property is not selling…

GRGP Buys Commercial Real Estate

We Buy Commercial Assets to include:

  • Professional Office Spaces
  • Engineering Office Spaces

GRGP Buys Residential Real Estate

We Buy Residential Assets to include:

GRGP Buys Real Estate Notes

We Buy Real Estate Notes to include:

  • 1st Position Notes
  • Performing
  • Non-Performing

Real Estate:

We Buy the following Real Estate: Houses We Buy; contact GRGP to Sell Home-House Fast and/or fill out the Quick House Quote form and we will contact you.
Glad to have you at Go Realty Go Property (GRGP LLC)
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