Silver Dollar City (SDC): Best Time to Go

Best Time to Go to Silver Dollar City (SDC)

First, lets talk about down-time. Silver Dollar City does close during January through mid-March.
Make sure you check out the SDC Operations Calendar for current events.

Second, lets briefly cover weather. Being in the Ozark mountains means we get a lot of moisture, which contributes to the beauty of our green mountains (colorful in fall). Just know that this is part of daily/weekly life and to plan for it. For more on local weather, see our Silver Dollar City Weather page.

Okay, now on to the fun stuff…
There is no bad time to visit Silver Dollar City. However, depending upon your parties preferences… there might be an ideal time for each person in your party. If you’ve already downloaded the SDC Operations Calendar, you’ll find varying Events and festivals occur throughout the year. Therefore, as long as the park is open and the weather is somewhat accommodating, it’s always an awesome day to be in Branson’s best 1880’s theme park.

Events: Best Time to Visit…

If you only have one chance to visit Silver Dollar City this year, take a moment to review the park’s Festivals (below). If your more interested in Seasonal activities, visit our SDC Weather page, which may also help decide the best fit for your party.

The 1880s Ozark theme park suits any season with the following Festivals:

  • Country Music Days (September 8-11 & 15-18): Get ready for a hand-clappin’, foot-stompin’ good time during Country Music Days with special concerts in Echo Hollow® Amphitheater. Plus, hear great country music from Branson favorites Melody Hart & Friends and Silver Dollar City’s own Horsecreek Band!
  • Harvest Festival (September 21-29): Experience Silver Dollar City’s Harvest Festival featuring Craft Days filled with new artisans each week and Pumpkins In The City by night with thousands of illuminated pumpkins with non-frightful fun for the entire family! Seasonal Favorites, such as:
  • An Old Time Christmas (November 5 – December 30): Celebrate the true meaning of this magical season amid the glow of over 6.5 million dazzling lights including the awe-inspiring Christmas In Midtown® Light Spectacular, a nightly light parade featuring Rudolph™ The Red-Nosed Reindeer and so much more. Winner of the Best (#1 out of 20) Theme Park Holiday Events.
  • Awaiting the 2023 Calendar for Events/Festivals.

Lines and Wait Times…

If budget allows, you can minimize your ride wait times by buying a TrailBlazer “fast-pass”. This can help get the most out of the rides, if your visiting during a high demand period. If your looking for an inexpensive way to avoid long lines, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (if open) are often good choices, because most tourists have headed home.

SDC Cost Suggestion…

If you plan on visiting more than once (calendar year), you might want to consider purchasing season passes, which allows you to visit the park multiple times with at least a 5% discount on food. A season pass buys a lot of flexibility and is our personal choice for admission.
NOTE: The last time we priced the daily admission vs the Seasonal Silver; the additional cost of the Season/Silver was less than the cost for a 2nd day pass; a better deal. Additionally, your future admission (>2) visits/costs, for the year, will be be minimal-to-none.


If you also want to pair the best season/time with a near (3-5 minute) SDC Condo that allows you easy outbound access to Branson and Branson West, be sure to check out our luxury penthouse Silver Dollar City Condos (Unit: LND 43-6) at 43 Songbird Circle #6, which is only 3-5 minutes from the park and 10-minutes to Branson Shows.