Silver Dollar City (SDC)

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Silver Dollar City is one of the best family friendly places. Our family has been visiting Branson, Missouri for the past 40-years and when we do, we don’t want to miss out on the family memories at Silver Dollar City; you don’t want to miss it. This is Branson’s #1 attraction for more then 50-years.



Seasonal Festivals



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SDC features six festivals throughout the year, 12+ restaurants, 30+ attractions & rides, 40+ daily live shows, 60+ shops, and 100+ craft/skill demonstrations.



Daily Live Shows



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Young riders will enjoy Green level rides (15+), such as in the Grand Exposition (Green/Blue) and the Fireman’s Landing, the Flooded Mine, and the River Blast ride. Mild riders will enjoy Blue level rides (5+), such as: the Magnificent Wave and the Grand Exposition Coaster. Experienced riders may enjoy Black level rides (5+), such as, the Outlaw and Thunder Nation Coasters. Additionally, the park has many shows throughout to accommodate everyone.

The SDC Park Map is color coded (Green/Blue/Black) to help plan each member of your party with their ride focus/threshold during your visit. While the map does hint at terrain… a good rule of thumb is… is your path is slopped downward, your headed to the back side of the park… and upward – towards the town square (park entrance).

SDC: Best Time to Visit

If you only get one time to visit… ensure you checkout our Best Time to Go page to help choose the best time for Festivals and/or Seasonal events for your party.

SDC: Calendar

If your already onsite or planing a future trip… ensure you checkout the SDC Calendar of Events to make the most out of your visit.

SDC: Condos

Click on the links below to see our condos and check pricing and availability. If interested, more information can be found by viewing our Silver Dollar City (SDC) Condos page. This near SDC Condo has three (3) bedrooms, three (3) baths, with seven (7) beds, and can sleep up to 10 guests.

SDC: Weather

SDC is located in the Ozarks, which is known for it’s beautiful rolling green (colorful in fall) mountains, which is in part, due to the rain fall. As part of your essential items to bring, you should pack a lite Poncho, Raincoat, or Jacket (season dependent). Be sure to check-out the local Silver Dollar City Weather.