Sell Fast: Condos

Condos are normally considered a single, newlywed, or retired type of property. A lot of times the cost of entry is affordable; however, the exit strategy can be a little daunting, because:

  • If your in the property less than 3-5 years, you tend to lose money and/or barely break-even due to all the up-front closing costs that were incurred during the purchase.
  • Most Condos appear to be built with a cookie cutter template…
    If you have more than one on the market, they all appear to be the same; how do you standout.

Additionally, the condo association may prevent advertising of the property and/or impose other restrictions regarding the next potential buyer. Condo/Home Owner Associations are one of the “must have” contingency clauses in a contract that allows a buyer to back-out of a contract… and they still get their earnest money back, which brings us to… we buy Condos.

We Buy Condos

Having been there done that (all of the above)… Go Realty Go Property buys Condos and holds them long-term as a Rental Property(ies). If the property(ies) require repairs, we will fix the property and maintain it at or above Condo/Home Owner Association requirements.

Why “Go Realty Go Property”…

Real Estate
Go Realty
Go Property
Sell As-Is
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No Fees
No Closing Costs
No Repairs Needed
Sell Fast
Date of Your Choice

Any Condition…

  • Damage: Pest/Fire/Storm
  • Full of Stuff/Trash
  • New/Old/Ugly House
  • Outdated
  • Repairs: Major/Minor
  • Tenant Problems

Any Issues…

  • Absentee Owner
  • Code Violations
  • Family Issues:
  • Financial:
    • Job Loss/Relocation
    • Low Equity
    • Liens
    • Late Payment
  • Hoarder House
  • Title Issues

Any Reasons…

  • Bankruptcy/Short-sell
  • Family Issues
  • Foreclosure
  • Health
  • Relocation
  • Repairs: Minor/Major
  • Size: Up/Downsizing

Frequent Asked Questions…

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