Sell House Fast: Rental Property

If your not in the business of Property Management but you acquired Real Estate by either a job relocation, investment, or inherited a house and thought it an opportunity to go into business for yourself… you probably already know rental properties can turn in to a nightmares, such as:

  • Absentee Landlord
    Property in another city/state/country
  • Late Rental Payments
    Now your paying two mortgages for 1-2 month(s)
  • Repairs (Negligent or Mistake, Day or Night)
  • Unruly Tenants (Code/Law Enforcement, Legal Issues, HOA)

Real Estate Property Management is now offered as a Business Degree due to all the legal complexities that come with asset management and the human/tenant factor.  Project Management skills are required to time contractor repairs.  Budgeting is required to maintain normal wear and tear.  Basic Legal understanding of process and procedures with courts and sheriff, and knowing when to leverage your Real Estate Attorney.  Accounting for aggregation of bills, costs, deprecation, millage, services… is that a write off or an audit flag?

Go Realty Go Property (GRGP) has helped many tired landlords get back their life, free up their schedule, and reduce their midnight headaches and nightmares.  From one business to another, no obligation… lets talk and see what we can do.