Sell Without Realtor

Sell House Fast: Without Realtor – GRGP Buys Houses, contact GRGP to Sell Houses Fast without a realtor by filling out the Quick House Quote form (1-2 mins) and we will contact you to discuss your options/offers.

In 2006-08 it was a buyers market; however, in 2016-2017 the market turned upward and became a seller’s market.  There are a lot of Sell House Fast: Tips, Tricks, and Tools you can use to sell your home quickly and all without signing a contract to sell without a Realtor and avoid paying commissions.

  1. Find your house’s market price
    Zillow and Trulia provide good data
    NOTE: Realtor’s don’t like them…
  2. Select your advertising sign
    Also look at some of the For Sale by Owner (FSbO) Sites
  3. Stage house like a Pro
    First impression: from curb appeal to walking in the door
  4. Show the house
    You know it best, what are the highlights
  5. Close the deal

Additionally, if your in one of our Colorado areas where we do business; give us a call, we might actually be in the market to acquire another rental property.

GRGP -vs- For Sale by Owner (FSbO) -vs- Realtor:

Simple… GRGP buys houses!


  • As-Is
  • Fair Price
  • Pay all Closing Costs
  • Close on Date of Your Choice


  • Seller’s Market…
    May not get “top” dollar

NOTE: Fair Price/Offer is the same as you would NET after fixing and selling with a realtor.

For Sale by Owner (FSbO):


  • More money in your pocket


  • You Show the House
  • You Market the House
  • If your comfortable with these, the pros may be worth your effort/time.

If you use a Realtor your asking price should take into account:

  • 5-6% Realtor Fee
  • minus, 1-2% Misc./Fix-up Costs…
  • minus, 1-2% Closing Costs
  • Total = 7-10% of Sell Price

If you decide to try a realtor, take into consideration that most realtor’s will tell you, up front, they can get your asking price… simply to get you to hire them for 3-6 months.  However, after your home has been on the market with no ‘real showings’… you’ll then be asked to drop your asking price (percentage or dollar amount) each week until you start to get showings.  However, if they had told you (up front) that your home wouldn’t sell at the starting asking price, you might not have hired them.

If you feel you must use a realtor, please contact our office and we will provide a couple of trusted realtors we work with.