Sell Take Over Payments

Sell House Fast: Take Over House Payments – most of the time people choosing the option to let someone take over house payments need to act quick to cure and/or prevent a take over of the property.  Go Realty Go Property® can take over house payments; however, our business model is to maintain the property for rental purposes.  Unfortunately, this normally means the monthly rate is going to increase to cover overhead of property management.  If your intent is to try and stay onsite (in the property), keep in mind, the monthly payment(s) (rent) will increase to current market rental values.

This method includes a couple of different options for the owners/sellers:

  1. Cash-out some Home/House Equity (if available)
  2. Reverse Mortgage (if free-clear)
  3. Rent Back
  4. Combination of such options

When Go Realty Go Property takes over the payments, we continue to make the monthly payments on the loan.  This continues to build the credit and in some cases can repair the individual(s) credit through our ability to make the property perform.

Our services are completely free, totally confidential, and no matter what we always spend time reviewing all your options with you, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by contacting us today.

GRGP Buys Houses, contact GRGP to Sell Houses Fast and see if our Take Over Payment options will work for you by filling out the Quick Quote form (1-2 mins) and we will contact you.