Sell Short Sale

Sell House Fast: Short Sale – At no cost to you, we can perform the Short Sale (SS) Process – Assistance and Negotiation with your bank.  We have a team dedicated to processing a SS bank packages.  The link below will provide a streamlined method for submitting your information to our team in the quickest form.  Please take a few minutes to complete the Quick House Quote Assistance Form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you don’t understand how to perform the  Negotiation; watch our 7 min video about the pro and cons of Short Selling. This is a process that needs each step to be performed at the right time; to be taken seriously by the property owner.  Credit and future loans depend upon a team that can perform and our team has performed over 300 Real Estate SS’s in the Colorado area – Making Homes Affordable and/or Relief from House Payments.

Our team is focused on staying current in regards to performing the Short Sale Process Assistance/Negotiation within the following Colorado localities: Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fountain, Pueblo, Security, and Widefield, Colorado.

Sell House Fast: Short Sale Assistance and Negotiations

Our Short Sale Negotiation Team Works with the following banks:

  • Chase Bank SS
  • Citywide Bank SS
  • Community Banks SS
  • First Bank SS
  • US Bank SS
  • Wells Fargo SS

NOTE: If your mortgage is through another institution… basically the short sale process will be the same as dealing with the top mortgage lenders.

GRGP Buys Houses, contact GRGP to Sell Houses Fast by filling out the Quick Quote form (1-2 mins) and we will contact you to discuss your options for working with your financial institution to negotiate new terms and/or working towards a short sale to prevent a bankruptcy or foreclosure judgement.