Sell in 7 Days

GRGP Buys Houses in 7 Days; however, the ‘7-Days’ came from yet another wholesaler trying to out-market another wholesaler by saying… if the competition couldn’t buy within this time frame… they weren’t really an investor.  Only a ‘real investor’ had funding; however, the irony behind this is, the wholesaler really doesn’t have the funding; what they have are relationships with actual Direct Cash Buying Investors like Go Realty Go Property with whom they turnover and assign their contract to purchase and then “we” close on the property.

This is normally the time frame (7-9 Days) we work with as it facilitates enough time for all parties to read, re-read, ask questions, and ask more questions before moving forward.  Go Realty Go Property can buy houses quickly; however, we want to make sure our offers are a win/win for all parties… even if it’s 7-30 days or 1-6 months.

GRGP Buys Houses, contact GRGP to Sell House Fast by filling out the Quick House Quote form (1-2 mins) and we will contact you to discuss win/win solutions and/or options for your situation.