Sell House Guide

Sell House Fast: GRGP Guide to Sell House Fast, contact GRGP to Sell Houses Fast by filling out the Quick Quote form (1 min) and we will contact you to discuss solutions and/or options for your situation.

For Sale by Owner (FSbO)

If your wanting to attempt selling your house on your own… consider us as a potential buyer. We buy Real Estate within our local Colorado areas.

FSbO is a great option if you have little to no equity or your a DIY’er type. The biggest concerns to overcome is TRUST between buyer and seller.

Sell with a Realtor

We are not Realtors; however, we work with a couple of trusted and seasoned Realtors within the Colorado markets. We work with full service (6% commission) Real Estate Brokers to Hybrid Agent Offices who can “Assist” with selling and have a reduced commission of 1-3%.

If you need a buyer/seller agent, please let us know.