Get House Views

Get more “Views” On Your Colorado Home:

  • Most home buyers are viewing from the comfort of their current residence. If you have a decent smartphone, consider using the video capability and walk through your home (inside and out) and your neighborhood.  Take this opportunity to promote your home and the surrounding areas; sell the best parts.  What do you and your family love the most about the area.  People want to be able to visualize and feel like they are there.  Sell it.  Once you got your video, post it to YouTube.  If you don’t have a smartphone with video, consider purchasing one from your local tech/computer store.
  • If you partake in the social media circles, consider posting your home for sale on Facebook.  When you consider the power of 6-degrees of separation; how many people do you really know and have the potential to reach when you know 100 people, who each know another 100 people, who each know another 100 people…