Evolve is a win/win…
We have chosen Evolve to manage our bookings, which provides us with lower management expenses on our end, which also means lower costs on your end. Below is a basic example of how costs are acquired across the different marketplaces.

Example is for demonstration purposes only; using an even $1,000 (for easy math).

Base Rate/Fees$1,000$1,000$1,000$1,000
Booking Fee0%3%5%15%
Advertised Rate/Fee$1,000$1,030$1,050$1,150
Service Fee9%11%11%0%
Total Guest Bill$1,090$1,143$1,166$1,150

If you have an account on the other platforms, you may still use those accounts; however, in the best interest of keeping costs low, consider the above.