Disney World – Orlando, Florida

Disney World

Our resort is as close as 2.7-miles with the furthest attraction being only 7.5-miles.
By Line of Sight (LoS), we are ~2,225′ to the Disney Animal Kingdom Parking Toll vs Disney’s closest Animal Lodge, which is ~4,050′ to the same point.

Parks (Theme):

Animal Kingdom

This resort is only 2.7-miles from our resort location.


This resort is only 6.6-miles from our resort location.

Hollywood Studios

This resort is only 5.2-miles from our resort location.

Magic Kingdom

This resort is only 6.7-miles from our resort location.

Parks (Water):

Blizzard Beach

This resort is only 3.8-miles from our resort location.

Typhoon Beach

This resort is only 7.3-miles from our resort location.


Disney Springs:

This area is only 7.5-miles from our resort location.

Disney World: Tickets

Looking for Discounted Disney World Tickets… when we find authorized ticket brokers who offer discounted tickets; we update our Attractions: Discounted Tickets page. Additionally, if you come across a better supplier of Disney Tickets, please let us know.

Vacation Home: Condo

We host a Magic Village Condo at the Views Resort. This is a premier near Disney World Vacation Home Condo (3163 Pantanal) and the only Magic Village unit to have a 270° wraparound view of the resort lake. Condo hosts 4 En-suite Bedrooms, 5 Smart+TVs, 2 Balconies, 1 Patio Kitchen, and 2,396 sq-ft of living space. For more information about this near Disney Vacation Rental, please check out the links within this section.