• Jul 28 2020

    Karron Heaton

    Karron Heaton Karron (Karen) grew up in a military family. She traveled and transitioned a lot, meeting new friends and seeing new places. She attended some middle school and high school in Pueblo, therefore, Karron missed being a Colorado Native… by just that much. Karron attended school at Parkhill Christian, Vineland, and County; followed by…

  • Jul 28 2020

    Chad Heaton

    Chad Heaton Chad’s Real Estate story begins in Colorado as a local Colorado native; born in Pueblo, Colorado. Chad attended school at Morton, Parkhill Christian School, Freed, and Centennial; followed by attending Colorado State University (CSU) in Fort Collins, Colorado. Chad received his Bachelor of Science from CSU in Business Management. In 2000, Chad relocated…