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Sell House… GRGP Buys Houses!

If your looking to Sell House Fast…
We don’t want to list your house, We want to buy your house!

Go Realty Go Property’s Sell House Fast Program works like this:

  • Fill out the Quick House Quote form
  • View Property(ies) you want to sell
  • Provide ‘Fair Offers’ to buy your house “As-Is
  • Close on the Date of your Choice

Sell House Fast!

Go Realty Go Property – Buys Houses each month/quarter at many price points for many different reasons:

  • Abandon/Vacant Houses: Neighborhood Eyesore
  • Foreclosure: Process/Prevention
  • Hardships: Divorce/Employment/Medical/Probate/Separation
    NOTE: GRGP’s Short Sale Negotiation Team performs free Short-Sale Bank Negotiation for valid hardships.
  • Inherited House/Property: Probate Process
  • Mortgage/Payments: Assume/Take-over
  • Relocation: Work/Retirement
  • Selling House: For Sale by Owner
  • Short-Sale: Bank Negotiation Process

Go Realty Go Property (GRGP LLC) is a premier Colorado private real estate investment corporation and can purchase real estate without the long drawn out bank process.  GRGP is as serious about buying your house as you are about selling it and will buy and make you a fair offer, which is the same you would NET after:

  • Repairing/Fixing home to market for sale
  • Listing with a real estate broker
  • Paying Buyer and Seller Closing Costs

Go Reality Go Property’s Four Step Process:

  1. Enter property information
  2. Arrange a time to view property(ies)
  3. Get a no-obligation offer:
    • No Hassle
    • No Repairs
    • No Fees
    • No Closing Costs
  4. When you accept – we will buy your house quickly and hassle free

Sell House Fast - Quick House Quote

If you want to SELL your house AS-IS, in the easiest, fastest, and most convenient manner…
Request our Fast & Free – NO Hassle – Guaranteed Quick House Quote Today.

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