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Sell House Fast: Divorce / Separation

Sell House Fast: Divorce or Separation – There may be a few events, Divorce or Separation, throughout one’s life that trigger the need to dissolve / liquidate joint assets to allow a fresh start.

What options do I have for selling my house?

Options very, depending upon how you and your spouse handle the divorce/separation.
In almost every case it’s in your best interest to agree upon the method of settlement of assets before allowing these types of decisions to become a legal matter for the court/judge to rule a judgement.

There are a variety of options, which are grouped into three basic categories:

Go Realty Go Property Solutions

Go Realty Go Property (GRGP) may be able to provide additional solutions.  Our business model is long-term acquisition of real estate for the purpose of home rentals.  GRGP attempts to find win/win solutions for all parties.

Buy Out:

If one spouse wants to keep the house, s/he may be able to negotiate to buy out the equity share.  This normally requires a second mortgage and/or line of credit.  If both parties are on the mortgage, this may require acquisition and qualification of a new mortgage to release the joint party.


This option is often the choice when children are involved and the parents don’t want to disrupt and/or uproot from the area.

Sell House:

This is the most basic option, when neither party wants to keep the house.
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