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Any obligation to sell my house?

Absolutely NOT! If you are working with someone who is pressuring you… run! The offers we provide are fast & free with a no hassle, no pressure, guaranteed.  If one of our offers meets your requirements we can move forward on your schedule.  If none of the offers work for you, that’s fine too, and we part friends.

Are you a Realtor?

No, we are NOT realtors.  However, we do work with a couple of trusted “well seasoned” realtors in all the areas where we maintain property. We are a group of private investors who buy houses, fix-up properties, and then rent and maintain the property long term. If your looking for a trusted realtor in our areas… let us know. Current Real Estate Markets: Castle Rock, Colorado Springs, Denver, Fountain, Pueblo, Security, and Widefiled.

Buy Houses Scam?

Buy Houses Fraud, Rip-off, and Scams… Are there people out there claiming to do what we do?: Yes Sometimes they are wholesalers (valid) and collect information from people in hopes they can turn around and provide us a lead to purchasing a home and we in turn will pay them a finders fee.  Other-times, people claim to be wholesalers (scam) in order to collect information for other uses.  How to tell the difference?  See Below. Realtors claiming to buy houses/sell fast: While many realtors continue to be middle parties to 6% of the transaction; many don’t like that we can…

Can I sell my house now to avoid foreclosure?

Avoid Foreclosure by Selling? Depending upon your situation, we may be able to buy your house quickly and easily. There is no need to go through the uncertainty of listing your house with an agent or trying to sell it yourself. There is no need to spend money fixing up your house to please a picky buyer. We can: Buy your house “as is” Close on the date of your choice Handle all the paperwork Give you cash for your equity; however, most foreclosures have no equity. Short Sale maybe your best option; however, this takes some time to work…

Can You Take Over House Payments?

If we find that taking over house payments is a good option for you, a win/win; then yes, we can take over your house payments, if the home meets our business model (single family home, in our target areas, etc.).  However, this takes about 3-5 days to arrange and file all the appropriate legal paperwork with banks, insurance, and title.  In some extreme cases (short sale/foreclosure) we have taken over mortgage payments, in as little as 24-hours, to prevent default. There is some risks on both sides of this option, which needs to be disclosed: Pro/Con: Unless the home mortgage…

Confidentiality and Privacy?

All information acquired is completely confidential. We have taken multiple steps to secure any data you authorize/provide us to have in our possession and have polices in place to manage that data during it’s life cycle. Below are some of the measures/steps we have taken to secure data: Dual Cisco Firewalls Offices are ADT Secured/Monitored Direct Fax Communications with Title Companies 256 bit SHA encryption on sensitive digital communications Daily Security Scans of GRGP Servers/Workstations Working papers are crosscut shredded upon completion All stale offers are achieved for 1 year and then destroyed in accordance with office policy Example of daily…

Do I have to make repairs on the property?

No. We purchase the home in an as-is condition. You do not have to do anything to it.

Do you also buy Pretty and Ugly Homes?

We buy homes/houses that work well within our business model; however, our relationships with other Real Estate Investors allows us the flexibility to buy ‘the good’, ‘the bad’, and ‘the ugly’. If you have questions about if a property would be a good fit… please take a couple minutes to fill out our Quick House Quote.  You won’t know unless you ask.

Do you buy Condos and Townhouses?

Yes; In addition to Single Family (Homes-Houses), GRGP does buy Condos, Duplexes (multi-tenant) and Townhouses. Additionally, GRGP acquires and manages professional commercial office spaces. GRGP: Areas of Interest (AoI) Variations of other question terms: ‘Town Homes’, Town-homes, Town-houses

Do you pay market value for houses?

Bottom Line Up Front: No From a business prospective it wouldn’t work; risk has to be assessed, such as with the market correction in 2008-2012.  Therefore, no, we can’t offer you ‘market value’. What we can offer are win/win solutions. These offers come in a mixed variety of solutions dependent upon your position. We work locally to provide FAIR offers: Same as you would NET after repairs and selling with a realtor. NOTE: We are NOT the flipping pretty-ugly-so-so high-cost house franchise types that low ball in order to re-cope their franchise costs and make a killing on the resale.…

Foreclosure: Can I get a new mortgage?

Depending upon the amount in default, you will need to qualify to borrow enough to pay off the “cure” amount(s) being demanded by your creditor(s). PLUS, attorney fees… PLUS, back payments… PLUS, late fees… PLUS, all the closing costs ($3,000-$5,000) to get a new loan… BUT, not limited to the above.

Foreclosure: Can I/we raise cash to cure?

There are a couple of ways to do this: If you can still afford to stay in your house… we maybe able to help you identify the methods to keep your house.  If you decide to sell your house, we might be able to arrange to buy and give you cash for your equity in as little as 5 to 7 business days. Foreclosure is a 300-400 point hit to your credit report. Short Sale is only a 30-50 point hit.  See our video on Short Sale vs Foreclosure for more details.

Foreclosure: How do I Avoid or Stop?

The Road of Foreclosure: 1. If you have not missed a payment but know you’re NOT going to be able to make the NEXT payment. Contact your mortgage company and let them know. You must call as soon as you know your going to have trouble with a payment. Have options: Get a No Obligation/Free Quick House Quote 2. Ask for a Repayment Plan First missed payment is spread across the next two (2) payments. Provides some breathing room.  Works for only short term financial problems. While it’s nice to know that the following options also exist; we are also…

Foreclosure: What if I do nothing and wait?

Foreclosure: Some people think by waiting… they will get ahead benefiting from “free rent”; therefore,  saving money until the bank(s) hire the local sheriff to evict (force out) and ALL your belongings are placed on the street curb.  Avoiding Foreclosure is far more valuable than saving a couple of mortgage payments. The equity in your home can take years to build and can all be wiped out in a single day, once your house is sold at a Colorado Springs, Fountain/Widefield, or Pueblo Public Auction. Let us help you examine all the options you have available TODAY.  Then you’ll be…

Foreclosure: What if I file Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy Foreclosure Option: Some homeowners make the mistake of filing bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure; it doesn’t stop it. It only delays it a little bit while the amount owed grows to an unrecoverable amount.  Please don’t make the mistake and underestimate the deep pockets of the banks that lent you the money on your house; they will get their money and/or your home.  Banks make sure their investments are secured and they are the “secured creditor”.  In the past, claiming Bankruptcy may have helped wipe out some debit; however, new Bankruptcy rules will never relieve or remove your mortgage…

How do I get offers to buy my house?

Offers to buy your house are presented after we receive your Quick House Quote.

How do you determine the price you’re willing to pay?

Bottom Line Up Front: This is not a direct answer; just saying. We look for a win/win… if we can’t find it or think someone else can provide a better solution; we will tell you and part friends. First, every house owner’s situation is unique… However, there are some basic known rules/processes that we use for each offer package: Location of the house (property address) – Condition of House Comparable Houses (Sales: 3-6 months) – Same Builder/Development – Same School District) Acquisition Costs: – Real Estate Commissions – Repairs and Renovations – Time Costs: Insurance, Loans, Repairs, Taxes, Utilities, Vacancy,…

How does the GRGP Buys Houses work?

Our process is very simple. Step 1: Quick House Quote We will contact you within 24-48 hours If the situation is a win-win, we will come out for a meet/greet, perform a walk through, and answer any questions you may have; takes about 30 minutes.  You will then determine if you wish to accept or reject our offers; if not, we part friends.  It’s very simple.

How Fast can you Buy my House?

Can You Buy My House Fast? How Fast Can You Buy My House? This depends upon you and your situation.  When we buy homes/houses, we can usually close within nine (9) days.  Depending upon the price point of the house, we are able to purchase homes with our own private funds without the need to go through the slow drawn out banking processes… to higher priced homes which require some terms and/or partnership backing with other investors to purchase and pay cash.  Allowing us to buy your home means you certainly won’t have to tolerate dozens of total strangers parading…

How much do you charge/cost?

There are no fee(s) to the home seller. If we buy your house, we pay all closing costs saving you a lot of money. If we perform a short sale negotiation we negotiate the fee with the lender. Again, there are no fee(s) to the home seller.

Sell Your House in: 2 Hours or 1-30 Days?

Is Selling a House in 2 Hours – Possible? Yes, any closing can be done in less than two hours… You’ll normally see, all sorts of signs pop-up around town, after a big seminar has come to town with various statements.  Most of these are “people” who take your information and send it off for review; however, how much do you know about the companies or the people collecting/sending your information off – to who knows where.  This is normally done as quick as possible, with high pressure, and requires the home owner to be in a bad spot. Comments…

Should I/we Stage House for Sale?

No.  Go Realty Go Property buys houses as-is. With or without furniture we all know what bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, and kitchens look like… There is no need to spend thousands of dollars in staging a house… its simply more money out of your pocket. We buy houses as-is.

What about For Sale by Owner (FSbO) or Realtor?

For Sale By Owner or Realtor: CONS: Education of Selling a Home Process Legal Forms, Disclosures, etc. Less Visibility Risk of Selling Below Market Weed-out Unqualified/Uninterested Buyers PROS: No Commission Fee (5-7%) You’re in Control: Appointments and Price You know the home/house (best person to show it) Over the years we’ve collected House Selling Tips and Tricks information.

What if I’m behind on mortgage payments?

If you are behind on your house mortgage payments, we can work a Short Sale with your mortgage lender to get you out from under the property. Normally, a short sale is always better than a foreclosure.  We have a short sale team to deal with the bank(s) on your behalf.  However, this process requires time and is NOT something to kick down the road.  We have had people we couldn’t help… because they thought they could fix it next month, next month, next month… it was too late by the time they contacted our office. We do NOT apply…

What if my house needs… X ?

We have had so many different versions of this question. When it comes to homes… X can be many different things that need attention. The only two items that have delayed our offer process are structural and foundation issues; however, once those numbers are in, our offers will reflect as such. Simply put…  We buy homes/houses, “as-is

What is a Fair Offer?

Fair Offer – Same as you would NET, after fixing and selling with a realtor.

When can we expect to hear from you?

Quick House Quote: Once you have submitted the “Quick House Quote“… our team needs about a business day to pull comps from the past six months. Calls: We return calls as soon as possible, typically within 24 hours or less. We are in the office Monday-Friday (Contact Us), Saturday (appointment only), and Sunday/Holidays closed. However, if you need to speak with someone right away we have an on-call option available. One of our “real” property management managers is on-call 24/7.

Why Buy my House?

Our business model is to make money in the long term; through rentals.  We buy homes/houses as-is, offer a fair price, and close on your schedule. We are able to offer a FAIR price (same as you would NET after fix-up and selling with a Realtor) because we hold the house long term. We are NOT the “Flipping” Real Estate Investor type who pay pennies on the dollar to build in wiggle room to fix and sell to someone below market to make a quick buck. Again, we are in this business for the long term… not the quick flip.

Why should I-we sell my-our house to GRGP?

Great question.     We can buy in as little as 5-7 days     We close on the date of your choice     We do not pressure you in any way     We pay for all closing costs ($3,000-5,000)     We have been in business since 2000 and know this real estate market     We offer you multiple FAIR offers with terms customized to your needs     We also have a team that can negotiate a short-sale with your bank, if needed     We have an A+ Better Business Bureau rating Hopefully you can add to the list of reasons and…

Will you buy Mobile Homes?

No; Mobile Homes are not within the scope of the GRGP business model at this time; regardless if secured (tied) and/or on a fixed foundation. NOTE: The only exception is during the acquisition of land. If the property has a mobile-home at the time of purchasing the ‘land’; the mobile-home is considered to be a part of the acquisition cost to be removed. Land (NET) – Cost to Remove (Mobile Home) = Offer

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